Ainocar Village – Japanese color, frozen in time

Ainocar Village – Japanese color, frozen in time

Unfortunately, or fortunately, thanks to the development of road infrastructure, small, but very beautiful settlements in the prefecture of Gifu and Toyama (Honsu Island, Japan) began to rapidly gain popularity among tourists from around the world.

When the whole world found out about the beauty of these places, it was decided to recognize these objects with UNESCO World Heritage. Only so you can protect the village from the fundamental changes that may occur in favor of the development of tourist business.

Many Europeans died these places "Valley of the Gingerbread Houses". And it is not surprising, because the local houses are very beautiful and withstands in a traditional Japanese style.

Ainocur Village is one of the most secluded, thanks to which the local flavor could save more than others.

Tourists from all over the world come to anxocar for a solitary rest. Eye rest here, consciousness clarifies, and the body is saturated with oxygen.

Ainocar Village - Japanese color, frozen in time

Local houses built according to the traditional Japanese technique "Gasse-Dzukuri". "Gassely" in translation means "hands folded in prayer" – two straw roofs symbolize folded palms of monks.

When creating houses, nails are not used. Despite this, the hut perfectly withstand all natural tests: in the summer it is wet, and in winter – the belt is on the belt.

If you want to relax the shower and body in a secluded and colorful place with your unique atmosphere, then the Ainocar village is exactly what you need.

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