Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad)

Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad)

Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad) – The city in the west of India, the largest city of Gujarat, one of the seven Indian megacities with a population of 5.1 million inhabitants.

With the creation of Gujarat, Ahmedabad was transformed from the city of Shag and Tents to a scientific and educational, commercial and cultural center of the state with towering skyscrapers and shopping centers.

Very beautiful old Sili Siayad mosque (Other name Lal Darwaz – Red Door); Mosque Ahmed Shaha, One of the oldest in the city was built in 1414; Mosque Juma Masdzhid, Popular with tourists, Building on 260 columns, with 15 domes.

Julta Minara (Swinging minarets) – part of the Siddi Mosque Bashir. Minarets are built so that they can be shifted from the place, accompanying a little effort. The British were destroyed by one of them, trying to open a secret.

Temple Akshadham, Schinarayan traffic center, very popular crowded place.

Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad)

Recreation Area Lake Cankaria, next to one of the best in India Zoo.

Museum of Textile Kalico Located in the old carved house of Haveli and has a huge collection of vintage fabrics, clothes and sculptures.

Surveyor – Lake 65 km. from Ahmedabad, full of exotic birds.

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