Aeroflot is all the most necessary

Aeroflot: All the most necessary

Airlines "Aeroflot" flies most of the ours, so collected popular requests from transportation in one article.

About baggage

The most painful and demanded topic among passengers – baggage and manual sting. And here it is convenient to those who like to fly without luggage: on board it is allowed to hand the size of no more than 115 cm (for the sum of three changes) and weighing up to 10 kg.


If you used to register on the flight online yourself, then keep Step-by-step instructions . Newcomers in this case the article is the more useful.

About bonus program

Aeroflot is all the most necessary

We all want to fly cheap! In addition to buying on a buying ticket, you can still use the program of loyalty "Aeroflot Bonus". How to become a member of the program and save mile? Everyone told in the article About loyalty program.

It is known that Sheremetyevo Moscow Airport is a basic hub for Aeroflot’s airline – most flights fly away from there. In a separate article described in detail, How to get to the airport and to the city .

About return and exchange of tickets because of Coronavirus

Yes, the epidemic spoiled the plans of thousands of travelers. But what to do, force majeure on that and force majeure. We have compiled instructions, How to return or exchange flight tickets to Aeroflot.

Aeroflot is all the most necessary

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