A tiny house in China turned out to be “wondered” in the highway

A tiny house in China turned out to be "wondered" in the highway

The highway, as it should be, is designed perfectly direct, which is necessary for high speed driving. To lay a highway on the planned plan, the provinces authorities bought 46 plots with all real estate objects. But with the last, 47th – The snag came out. The owner of a small house of 40 square meters. M. flatly refused to move to the proposed accommodation.

According to the stubborn Mr. Liang, the Government of Guangdong Province offered her apartment located near the morgue and she could not accept this. According to the authorities, everything is not so unambiguous. In fact, the hostess of the problem home was offered not alone, but two apartments and 1.3 million more. Yuan in Podchida. But she began to bargain, demanding four apartments at once, plus 4 million. Yuan. Cheaper – it turned out «come around» ill-fated plot by taking it into peculiar vice strips of highway.

A tiny house in China turned out to be

As the media told the press secretary of the Government of Guangdong Province, negotiations with a woman no longer continue. Ms. Liang, who remained from his greed with anything, argues that it is quite satisfied to live «inside» High-speed highway. – «You think this environment is bad, but I feel that she is quiet, liberating, pleasant and comfortable», – noted in this connection the persistent Chinese.

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