9 Hotels with ghosts

9 hotels with ghosts

Whether guests of hotels are conceived, by rumors inhabited by ghosts, as well as American Mr. Otis from Wilder Tales, they «Buy the castle together with furniture and ghost»? In other words, they really want them to be scared? Not excluded. After all, enchanted hotels — An inexhaustible topic for hoteliers and their PR — Always in the trend, and the more terrible things about them tell, the harder room to book a room.

Of course, guests understand that stories about the supernatural often composed for advertising, but their own spirit still trembles before the opportunity to plunge into the mystery. But what if? Enjoying a taped fear, they enter the room and turn on in the game. Ah, chair, it seems, stood in the evening a little closer to the bed! Oh, the curtain in the shower broke, as from the impulse of the wind, but there was no draft! You noticed that the elevator doors were closed about very slowly, as if waiting for, missing someone invisible?

9 Hotels with ghosts

You can not believe in such things, but mystical seductors have already done their job. There are hundreds of hotels with ghosts, supernaturally popular among the public. We wanted to tell about nine of them — with classically impeccable service rich in mysterious stories, and most importantly available for settlement. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, on the marathon of horror hotels! Be kind passport and credit card.

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