5 Things you need to try in the Czech Republic

5 things you need to try in the Czech Republic

2) Soups
Czech soup – voles, very thick, look like a goulash or puree soups. Most Popular: Cesnecka (Cracker) – Garns soup with smoked meat, Drstkova (Drshtykova) – soup from the scars, was initially cleaned with a poor population, now – the national dish and the pride of the country; Bramboracka (Bramborachka) – CEG Potato with smoked. We also advise you to try Gulasova (Gulyashov) – by name, I think it is clear what this soup looks like and beer soup with cheese croutons.

5 Things you need to try in the Czech Republic

3) Baked Weprevo Knee, it is – a pork steering wheel
Middle Weight of this dish 1.5-2 kg. It is said that in the Czech Republic the usual thing – 2.5 kg! This huge piece of meat with a side dish and several types of sauces are served. It is not recommended to take one person, evaluate your strength. If you want something easier, then VEPRO-KNEDLO-ZELO (Vepro-Knedlo-bearer) – baked pork with gravy, sinters and stewed cabbage.

4) Hermeline Cheese
Soft cheese variety with mold on the surface and dense crust. Good goes under the beer in pickled form with garlic, sharp pepper and onions. All Etopod Olive Oil.

5) pork rib.
PEENá Veprová ZebíRka V Medu (liver of the vperrova of the gaming in honey) – these are pork baked ribs in honey, usually with some interesting sauce – cranberry, cranberry.

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