5 Things you need to try in Sweden

5 things you need to try in Sweden

2. Everyone remembers Favorite Karlson’s delicacy from Astrid Lindgren fairy tales? Right, these are meatballs, or as they are called in Sweden SkttBullar (Köttbullar) – Branded dish of Swedes. Prepared from meat. There are a large number of different variations and methods of cooking meatballs, but they all boil down to one: this is a whole Swedish philosophy that is transmitted from generation to generation.

3. Swedish christmas dish Janssons Frestelse – This is a potato casserole with the addition of marinated sprats, onions and cream, which are laid out by layers. What is curious, this dish is named after Pelle Janson, the Swedish opera singer of the beginning of the twentieth century, which was known as an amateur to eat.

5 Things you need to try in Sweden

4. Swedish buns with cardamon and cinnamon (Kanelbullar), Without which no fic is in Sweden (traditional Swedish toolkone every 2 hours).

5. And finally, no doubt the most favorite Swedish delicacy is Various desserts with forest berries – blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, raspberries, blackberry and strawberries: berry soups, buns, well, and, of course, Jam, which Swedes add everywhere: for example, with buckwheat or meat 🙂

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