5 Things you need to try in Serbia

5 things you need to try in Serbia

2. Plescavitsa – Balkan Beefsteks, who are prepared in Serbia everywhere: not only in cafes, restaurants, but also in establishments like "Fast Food". The options for its preparation there is a lot, but they differ only in detail. Briefly the recipe is as follows: Spices, fat, garlic are added to the mince of beef and pork, then made from the minced meat, which are roasted on the grid. At the end, Pleakavitsa watered heated kaymac.

3. Masaleitsa – This is a traditional Serbian dish. Represents chop with spice stuffing, prepares from various types of meat. There are several varieties, such as smelled by mesalets, Punene Masalitsa and Bel Vesalitsa.

5 Things you need to try in Serbia

4. Kaimak – This is a confessional foam, removed from freshly prepared baked cow or sheep milk. It is worth saying that Caymack is incredibly popular in Serbia, so in small quantities they add to many dishes. It is believed that the best quality of kaymaki is from mountain areas (mountainous massif Zlatibor, a chart area and the North of Montenegro).

5. BOZA – Non-alcoholic carbonated drink from corn. For its preparation, such cereals are used as raw materials, such as wheat and millet. The taste is obtained by bread, nutritious and saturated – but quite specific. Despite the fact that Turkey is considered the birthplace of the Boz, it is in Serbia he enjoys the greatest popularity.

5 Things you need to try in Serbia

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