5 Things you need to try in Ireland

5 things you need to try in Ireland

2. Box – Traditional Irish potato cutlets, which are usually served with fried bacon slices. Falls are especially popular in the northern counties of Ireland (Kavan and Donegal). The most popular bundle – grated raw potatoes, mixed with potato mashed potatoes, flour, soda, poch, (milk) and sometimes egg.

3. Irish cheese – this is something special, he deserves to try it. One of the most famous is Blue’s cough – this is a cheese with a blue mold, which produces descendants of Maslodes, expelled from England in the 17th century. Blue cough – tight cheese, but with maturity it becomes softer and spicy.

5 Things you need to try in Ireland

4. Barmbreck – Sweet yeast bread with grapes and raisins. Barmbrek – Chief Attribute of Halloween Festive Table. Usually served as caustic butter toast.

5. Beer Guinness – This is definitely the main symbol of Ireland, the world’s most famous Irish beer. Despite the fact that the production technology from the 18th century has changed a lot, to get an idea of ​​the original Guinness drink can now, trying the Guinness Original / Extra Stout (the closest to the most portory). You can do this in any pub, and if you are interested in the history of this brand, you should visit the Guinness Museum, which is located in the Irish capital.

5 Things you need to try in Ireland

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