5 Things you need to try in Croatia

5 things you need to try in Croatia

This is a cheese from the island of Pag, located near the task. The mystery of its original taste is in the peculiarities of the milk of the local breed of sheep, fragrant olives Pag and sea wind, which is literally "Using" Luga Islands. In order to get a kilogram of this product, you must use at least six liters of sheep milk. Page cheese has a golden yellow color, thick crust, as well as a peculiar thin and spicy taste and smell.

3. Rigot

A characteristic dish for Dalmatia, similar to risotto. Almost all varieties of Rigota here are preparing approximately the same, only ingredients are changing. The most popular – black rigot, t.E. With seafood and ink Caracatians.

4. Koulen

5 Things you need to try in Croatia

The sausage of chopped pork, which traditionally prepared in Slavonia. It is usually added a lot of spices and paprika to it, so Kouolen resembles something harsh salami. In general, Slavonic cuisine is typical of the use of a large number of smoked meat, mostly pork and veal.

5. Slylovitsa

The National Drink of Croatia is a homemade moonshine from plums with a strength of 45 to 75 degrees depending on the amount of distillation. It is said that the most correct drainer has a suspicious yellowish hue and appeared on the view a little oily.

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