5 Things to try in Romania

5 things to try in Romania

2. Mititia – Traditional dish Romanian (and Moldavian) kitchen. It seems to resemble small sausages without a shell, which are roasted on the grill or in a pan along with pepper and garlic. Mititia is prepared very easily and quickly, so you are very popular with youth.

3. In Romania, corn is widely used for the preparation of various dishes. One of them – Mamalyga (cornpage). Historically, she was the main food of Romanian peasants and poor, replacing bread. Now Mamalyga – Local Card Business Card. There are many recipes for her preparation: boiled and roasted, Mamalyga with the ovarian-glazing and gallushki from Mamalygi and DR.

5 Things to try in Romania

4. Mich – It is a kebab of pork and beef, which is prepared on the grill or coals. Experienced cooks argue that to prepare MIC at home is very difficult. It’s all about the art of stuffing, from which the cutlets are made, soak on coals. Michi is usually eating without a side dish, necessarily with mustard and drink beer.

5. Complete our top 5 National Drink Romania – Tsuyika: This is a strong fruit vodka, which is usually made from draining, pears or apples. The best and strong tsuyk is prepared in transylvania (55-60%).

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