3 New unusual hotel

3 new unusual hotel

English Street artist Banksy opened the Walled Off Hotel Hotel on the Palestinian West Bank of the Jordan River.

In the hotel nine rooms and one presidential suite, the walls decorate the work of Bankxi. The cost of the rooms varies, 30 dollars are asked for a place in the community, the standard rooms will cost $ 215 to $ 265 per night, and for a suite will have to pay $ 965.

The windows of the hotel, located on the outskirts of the city of Bethlehem (Palestine), overlook the wall, dividing Israel and Palestine. The artist hopes to attract Israeli tourists. At the same time, the Israeli law prohibits citizens of the country to visit Palestine.

Currently, Bankxi is currently evaluated in millions of dollars and significantly increase the cost of real estate on which they are placed, so their damage qualifies as vandalism. It is noteworthy that the identity of Banksy has not yet been established, and no one really knows who the artist is.

3 New unusual hotel

In the Japanese Hotel Henn Na Hotel, open in mid-March, almost no employees. Girls on reception racks and other staff replaced robots.

Some of them look like wax figures and go to a person, but not all ;

Quadrum ; The first boutique hotel in Gudauri, the popular ski resort of Georgia. The hotel was created from cargo containers and offers tourists single and family rooms, as well as suites. There is also a swimming pool and sauna. Each room has a terrace, and you can only imagine what kind of it opens.

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