Dapt’d 2.0

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The Backstory

A little over a year ago, Dapt’d set out to find new ways to publish and promote great titles.  Now, Dapt’d is shifting its concentration away from traditional notions of publishing to focus on the curation and commerce of authors’ existing titles.  Our new site will be launched in Summer 2013.

What’s the deal?

Promoting your back catalogue can be difficult.  Books that fall out of print no longer earn you revenue.  There are only so many times you can ask your Twitter or Facebook followers to check out your older work.  What if you had new, unique versions of your existing titles to draw in new audiences — backed by video segments, interviews and other exclusive content that you didn’t have to create?

That’s where Dapt’d comes in.

We create a special edition version of your novel that’s packed with additional features. We prominently showcase you and your title on our website, supplemented with original video and editorial content that we produce. You blast out notices to your network of fans, friends and connections. We share revenue from the new sales.

Think of this as the “remastered” edition of your work!

How do I fit in?

We are currently searching for authors in all genres of fiction (nonfiction to come soon) interested in being early participants for our new site launch, and having their titles upgraded into special editions exclusively available through our site.

Sound interesting?

Talk with us directly further details!




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