The Angela Crossley Trilogy

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For the first time, get all three of Vincent Cobb’s Angela Crossley murder mystery novels together in one trilogy edition. These books are dark, thrilling, sordid, and laced with paranormal sexual energy. This new edition is a monster bargain at 700+ pages, in both eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and as PDF, as well as print-on-demand. *Soon to be available from iTunes.

Book synopses:


A murderer stalks the Midlands, and Angela Crossley seems to be the one detective who might crack the case. Especially because she’s been drawn in by a young seer named Connie who has borne witness to brutal events that have trapped her in perpetual childhood. But Angela’s quest goes deeper than merely into the mystery afoot. She must divine what Connie and her visions have to do with Angela herself. Is she who she believes herself to be, or is she rather someone she has yet to discover? Can she bring the murderer to justice and help Connie to regain wholeness? Vincent Cobb’s Nemesis is Crossley’s first tale, the beginning of a complex journey, and Angela Crossley is on her way to becoming a force to be reckoned with.


Someone is murdering children in an unspeakably horrible way. Yet, despite their profanity, the murders seem somehow religiously motivated. Perplexed by the seemingly contradictory clues, Angela Crossley allows herself to be called away from a possible appointment to the FBI and takes on the case, exercising her developing ability to see beyond the here and now and to look for signs that lie beneath. She teams with Pauline, whose mysterious beauty and passion bring new meaning to Angela’s life, and learns too late just how very invested Pauline really is in catching this hideous killer.


Angela Crossley is just learning to accept her newfound psychic power, and she embarks on a mission to employ her ability to read the future and to hear the thoughts of others, and prove herself worthy of her new position as a Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard. A murder mystery that has all London talking about the possible return of Jack the Ripper offers Angela the perfect arena in which to encounter both her inner demons and the forces of evil around her. In its time, she knows, everything will be illuminated, and all will be revealed; but can she survive long enough to know the outcome?

The Angela Crossley Trilogy is written by Vincent Cobb.

Cover design by Edward Ludvigsen, featuring Anna Marie Sell.

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