Are you an Olympic-grade parent?

| July 24, 2012 | 2 Comments

DAPT’D wants to know what makes you run . . .

As the parent of a gifted, passionate athlete, who may or may not be headed someday to the Olympics, you and your child are definitely inspired by Olympian feats. You schlepp practice, give up family vacations to competition-related events, and maintain the obdurate conviction that what your kid does is important.
  • We want to know why you do it?
  • What keeps you committed?
  • What keeps your child committed?
  • What does s/he get from the training and the competition?
  • What do you reasonably hope s/he will achieve?
We WANT TO HEAR/SEE YOUR STORY!! Here are some ways you can send us your tale:
  1. Take a video of you or you with your children — it can be any video that you want to make, one that documents your day, shows your practice routine, captures the essence of competition, combines any of these or just has you talking to the camera. Show/tell us what you love and what you hate about your routine. Respond to the YouTube video and add the tag OlympicParent.
  2. LIKE “Munich Memoir” on Facebook. Post a story and/or photo on our wall. What is your child(ren)’s sport? How much time does s/he put in, and how much time do you invest? Are you involved as an official, beyond your capacity as a parent? What is your most cherished role in the life of your athlete?
  3. Follow us on Twitter, and tweet us what you and your athlete hope to achieve by your hard work and dedication, or tweet a link to a video.
DAPT’D will feature some of the videos on this website, and will highlight some stories on Facebook and Twitter. Twenty participants will be chosen to receive a digital copy of Munich Memoir: Dan Alon’s Untold Story of Survival for participating in this project.
By responding and uploading content as part of this project, please take care to conceal names of any minors participating in any videos, photos, or blog posts. Dapt’d may republish your contributions for the purposes of further discussion and exposure, and cannot be responsible for spreading sensitive information.

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